Aspects of Cce

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Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) A reform in Indian Education


As a result of Government policy over reform in Indian Education system , the CBSE has introduced the new system Continuous Comprehension Evaluation to the secondary classes. Since then lot of feedback are coming to CBSE in contrast to the CCE pattern. The parents and general public are showing unsatisfactory to this present system. On the contrary, the eminent educationist are keep on advocating in favor of CCE system. The new reform in Indian Education is quite acceptable but it will take some time for the people to realize the importance of the system. So, CBSE has introduced a mentor programme to literate the teacher, students and common people of India over the present issue.

Why CCE is necessitate to acquire

In the past system, the students undergo severe stress and strain in the wake of competition. All parents want their child to be in the top ranking, that lead the child in strain. Everyone want their children to become Doctor , Engineer, Manager etc. There are lakhs of profession but leaving all those opportunities all are running behind these three options which is the deciding factor for high expectation. Making use of this huge demand of these courses, the private schools and universities earning huge money. If the children scores low marks and does not fulfilling their parents wishes or expectations then their relation breaks up. Many children committing suicide attempt only because of getting low marks or failing in the examination. There is a question raised by the eminent educationists that how a student scored 71 is better than those scored 70?. Is there any yard stick to exactly measure the mental level of a child ? the answer is definitely 'no'. The numerical marking is largely affected by subjectivity.

What is subjectivity?

Subjectivity is nothing but if an answer book is given to three examiner then after evaluation you will get three different marks. This is called subjectivity. In this condition whose evaluation is correct. No one can answer for this question. So, the educationist suggested the grading system for evaluating a child. Considering all the above aspects it is become necessitate to introduce the new CCE which is really a reform in Indian system of Education.

How CCE differ from past system of education

There are three domain to be taken into consideration for evaluating a child. 1. Cognitive Domain
2. Affective Domain
3. Psycho motor Domain

Cognitive Domain

The Cognitive Domain deals with the mental level of a child. In the past system of education, Cognitive Domain is given more importance in comparison with other domains. All other two domains are simply neglected. If a child good in academics then he/she will be declared pass otherwise the child gets failed. Every child born with its own capacity to deal with different areas. So, evaluating a child in only one area is totally obstacle.

Affective domain

In the past system of Education there is no such scope to assess a child over this Affective Domain. This domain mainly deals with the social and emotional skills of a child. How a child making relationship with their teachers, friends and parents. It also envisages their emotions such as anger, patience, happiness etc.

Psycho motor domain

In the past system we do not any scope to assess a child over this Psycho motor Domain. This domain mainly deals with the action skills such as drawing, making graphs, making useful things etc. This domain is also not given equal importance as the cognitive domain.

Main aspects of CEE

To overcome from all these drawbacks in the past system of education, Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation has been introduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education up to the secondary level with effect from 2009-2010. In this new pattern, numerical markings were abolished instead grading system...
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