Asian Films vs Hollywood Films

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As we all know, plagiarism is equivalent to cheating. Plagiarism is no good for us, we not only can’t really learn the knowledge, but also will lose marks. However, if you find out that some article’s sentence or paragraph is really good and useful, then, you want to use that on your paper to share with your teacher and classmates, and so at this time could you just copy down everything you want? Of course not, in my opinion, this behavior is plagiarism, if you don’t change any words or sequence. Whereas, after I complete the plagiarism assignment; I find out that actually I didn’t clearly understand that in what situation is plagiarism and in what situation is not. Even though you made a little bite change to let your writing looks not the same as the original article you found, but it’s similar, so this is still a kind of plagiarism which called patch writing. In this case, you need cite the source and quotation marks; furthermore, you also need both of them if you copy down sentence or paragraph from an article directly on your paper. Plagiarism is not just concerns with copyright issues; it’s also concerns with the issue of personal integrity. According to the plagiarism assignment I learned that understand the original writing’s main ideas first is really important, if not it’s hardly to expression in your own way. Then, take some notes down is good for you, it not only can remind you the key point of thesis, but also the source of those ideas. Finally, you should use your own words, personal expression to restatement the original writing you want to reference, certainly at the end don’t forget to indicate the source that you obtain those ideas from. Actually, I was confused that I’m restatement already; why I’m still need to cite the source at the end? The reason is the idea you agree with and used is still others, which means there still has a part that is not originate from you. Otherwise, author’s name, title of article...
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