Asian Carp

Topics: Great Lakes, Michigan, Lake Michigan Pages: 5 (1706 words) Published: July 26, 2010

There has been a growing concern recently in the state of Michigan and several other states over a species of fish known as the Asian carp. Perhaps you’ve seen or heard something on the news. It hasn’t reached the great lakes yet but is expected too in the near future. As an invasive species it devastates native fish species habitat and spawning areas. Along with being a menace to boaters because once startled the fish jump out of the water striking the Boater and causing serious injury.

Other states who have had to deal with this problem are at a loss as to how to stem this menace to the water ways. Federal and State fisheries and game departments have no idea how to completely eliminate these invaders and at best only slow them down. they are truly unstoppable in their invasion of American fresh water’s systems so far.

All of the solutions are extremely costly and have had little or no effect. Such as poison or electro shock They are fighting a losing battle with a super prolific foe who has little or no natural predation to stop them. They are an ecological nightmare for conservationist in all of the states that it is currently present in. Michigan as a great lake state is in a particular peril from the Asian carp, once it gets to the great lakes it will move into all of the river systems in the state and surrounding states as well.

Having spent billions on cleaning up pollution and rebuilding its sport fishing on the great lakes. It is of great concern not only for those who fish and boat but depend on those who come to Michigan for the tourism of the great lakes and the people who live in this state who depend on those tourist dollars to earn a living. It will be your tax dollars being spent in a futile effort to save the lakes yet again from another ecological disaster.

Michigan has an advantage over a lot of the other states where this problem has occurred. The advantage is that it has ports for large ocean going ships and railheads for transportation and those will play an important role in the solution. Michigan used to have a thriving commercial fish industry but due to over harvest, it too went the way of the auto industry. What does all of this mean? There in lies the solution to the problem.

By the commercial harvest of the Asian carp and turning them into fertilizer and pet food. As a fertilizer they would be completely organic and beneficial to the environment. Not only would it be helpful to the ecology but it would create thousands of badly needed jobs in a state that leads the nation in unemployment (13%). That too will be an important part of the solution.

Given the prolific nature of this species over harvest won’t be a problem and by harvesting them on a commercial level it will have a serious effect on their population. And instead of costing the tax payer it will add to the states badly needed revenue. A lot of the rivers that it has invaded are major waterways’ navigatable by the largest of ships. So trawlers can get to them and processing ships can be near by to receive the other boat’s catches, saving on fuel costs and by being mobile they can keep up with shifting populations and by sending the trawlers into the rivers they can reduce their numbers before they ever get to the great lakes

Processing can emulsify them turning them into a liquid so they can be easily pumped into tanks for delivery by either Ship or Rail roads even Semi trucks. Creating more jobs for all of those related industries. Will it stop them from invading the great lakes ? Sadly nothing will stop them, not without killing everything else in the water too and that’s not a viable solution.

Try considering all of the other known methods such as poison or electro shock. Those methods kill off the good species with the bad. And they still have to dispose of the remains of all those fish. But if by using simple netting techniques the native species can be...
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