Ashley Treatment Paper

Topics: Ashley Treatment, Growth attenuation, Rights Pages: 4 (1327 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Stance on Ashley treatment
Ashley’s treatment’s main purpose is to improve patient’s quality life, in other words, it makes it easier for the caregivers to take care of the patient. The methods under this treatment include breast bud removal, removing uterus to avoid menstruation cramps and limiting final height using estrogen therapy. (Ashley’s Blog, 2009) In my opinion, Ashley treatment is beneficial for both the patient and the caregivers because it minimizes pain for the patient and also makes taking care of the patient easier for the caregivers. The surgery involved under the Ashley treatment had no long-term side effects. The surgery itself was also not difficult to conduct and therefore yield a lower risk of patient developing complications. The Ashley treatment reduces suffering and improves quality of life for the patient, it helps keep the patient healthy and stable. Hence, I would recommend it to parents of a patient similar to Ashley’s. Arguments and Counter arguments

Doctor 1: The Ashley treatment is interfering with nature in that it inhibits the growth of a human being. The Ashley treatment also involves removing the growth factors such as the removal of breath buds and uterus and these are against the natural laws. As doctors, we should do anything possible to benefit the patient and not cause even more pain to a child who is already suffering. This argument is related to the natural law theory where the doctor thinks the Ashley treatment is preventing nature to take its course. It also relates to the non-maleficence principle because the doctor thinks we should not add any more pain to the patient. This is a short term vs. long term situation because by conducting theses surgery under the Ashley treatment, the patient will no longer be able to repossesses puberty, breast buds and height.

I oppose with this doctor’s viewpoint because the purpose of removing uterus and breast buds is for the convenience of the patient. Pillow angels only has...
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