Topics: Family, Culture, Mother Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Looking for Alibrandi is filled with conflict and warfare, it is what makes the book interesting and us hooked on what will happen next. Fundamentally the characters and situations in the novel help us understand the difficulties teenagers go through everyday. It is through such conflicts that we can see the cultural traditions, family relationships and pressures of life that Josie faces.

One of Josie’s hardships she has to go through is the struggles from her mother, father and nonna. In most modern day families it is all too common for the parents to be divorced, and everyday it becomes more and more accepting and normal. In Josie’s case she never really thought of her distant father, “My mother had told me about him once and once only. I’ve never heard his name mentioned since.” So obviously neither of Josie or Christina cared about Michael, Josie’s biological father. And when Josie finally meets her father she has never met she gets angry and upsets, and feels like she wants to hurt him like he has to her mother for 16 years. Josie chooses to act cold towards for father until he saves her from getting expelled and sued from hitting poison ivy with a science book. Their relationship grows when Michael takes her to Adelaide and proves how much of a caring protective father figure he is. As we move onto Nonna we she that Josie thinks she is too overbearing and selfish who is constantly worried about her and how she is portrayed in the Italian community. As soon as Nonna opens up to Josie about her life and the hardships she had to go through, “He treated me like one of his farm animals” she states. Josie realizes Nonna is just trying to protect her like she had to protect Christina and comes to the conclusion that she is in fact “loved by the two most strongest women she could ever meet.” As for Christina, Josie see her as nothing but an over protective, annoying mother who won’t let her hang out with her friends. But as the story develops Josie learns that...
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