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  • Published: May 13, 2013
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Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies project

Application Form to become a Learning Collaborative in 2012-13


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First published February 2012
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Please use this form to bid to become a new Learning Collaborative for CYP IAPT Year Two. This form has three sections: ➢ One for the collaborative as a whole which must be completed by the overall lead for the collaborative ➢ One for HEIs

➢ One for Partnerships

Each individual HEI must complete a dedicated section and each partnership must complete a dedicated section, so please copy the sections as many times as are required by your bid. Your collaborative needs to complete the excel workbook for new collaboratives to determine the funding required for your collaborative – this worksheet contains macros based on a standardised budget for the following elements:

➢ training for supervisors, trainees and one service manager per partnership; leadership and backfill for supervisors and service leads, ➢ backfill for trainees;
➢ IT, service development and infrastructure and participation.

The funding will be given as a payment to PCTs/CCGs participating in the local partnerships , with an MOU with the Department of Health. You will need to consider governance and MOUs which will set out the agreements with services and HEIs setting out the agreed level of funding and how the partnerships will use the funds to deliver the objectives of...
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