Asda Stores, Supermarket Giants

Topics: Supermarket, Economics, Market research Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: January 8, 2013
ASDA stores, one of the supermarket giants of today, have set out to increase its in-store marketing with the hope of adding value to the whole shopping experience and “Retailtainment”.
The first step towards their objective was to use primary market research which consisted in doing a rolling survey of mums, who they identify as their core customers. The survey was carried out by the supermarkets very own “Mumdex”, a panel of over 4000 mums of different ages and backgrounds. With the quantative research showing how most mums are going through a financial squeeze.

42% per cent have been forced to accept a household pay cut or freeze 88% feel proud when they save money
Two thirds budget more now than a year ago - 10% buy more on credit 71% upgrade big ticket items less frequently
23% are borrowing to get by
A third of mums think media has downplayed economic impact
43% think UK economy with never be the same again
Statistics from Mumdex’s first report:
Other results revealed that 90% of mums felt that the most important issue is offering products at the best possible prices. With the economic climate taking another downturn, ASDA felt it was necessary to see too the needs of its key customers by introducing more special offers and by increasing the shopping experience as a whole.

With this research undertaken, ASDA
So the next stage for ASDA was to appoint Momentum UK as its in-store events partner. Their objective being to introduce new ways of “Retailtainment” across stores all over the UK. Definition:

Momentum will be responsible for enhancing ASDA’s key commercial trading occasions by creating a programme of events that will capture the imagination of its customers and complement its market position. The agency are also tasked with ensuring that the programme of events...
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