As You Like It

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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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As You Like It – William Shakespeare

Theme: The relationship between characters and how that results to a sense of positive belonging

1. Technique:
a. Characterization
2. Example:
b. Rosalind and Celia
3. Effect:
c. Responders are able to acknowledge that relationships leads to a sense of belonging

1. Technique:
a. Direct quotation and high modality
2. Example:
b. “I cannot live out of her company” 3. Effect:
c. Demonstrates how a sense of detachment can arise as a result of a lack of human interaction

1. Technique:
a. Paradox
2. Example:
b. “Yet fortune cannot recompense be better, than to die well not my masters debtor” – noble servant Adam 3. Effect:
c. Shows how fulfilling ones duty in service of another can lead to a sense of belonging and a feeling of contentment.

1. Technique:
a. Emotive language
2. Example:
b. “I never loved my brother in my life” 3. Effect:
c. Shows that a feeling of hatred and detachment can arise as a result of lack of interaction, ultimately resulting in a sense of isolation

1. Technique:
a. Characterization of Jaques leads to selective diction 2. Example:
i. “Out of these convertites”
3. Effect: Demonstrates how a sense of belonging can be gained through a detachment from society. You do not always need to be attached to society for contentment.

Theme: The physical environment and how that influences individuals in gaining a...
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