As an Entrepreneur the Theory Must Be Known Well and Mastered

Topics: Marketing, Communication, Supply and demand Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: January 29, 2012
It's known that crushers have stable place in heavy industry. From traditional crushers to advanced crushers, the technology and quality are better and better, but also the policies and theories are innovated. In old days, in the saling process, there are simple tips: making the price, communicating with clients, bargaining, coming to the deal. In the process, there is not some attention on clients' demands. That is to say that what we have what we sell. But in foreign crushing machinery compaies, they are closer to their clients, and pay attention to clients' demands and feelings. So there are more and more crusher brands from abroad set foot in China market.

Theory of 4C posted by American marketing specialist, Professor Lanteborn, in 1990, takes client's demand as the guide and resets the four basic factors of marketing management: Consumer, Cost, Convenience and Communication. Zhengzhou Hongxing puts consumer's demand in the first place according to the Theory of 4C; and next decrease the purchasing cost for client; and then pays sufficient attention to onvenience when consumer make a purchase; at last, communicate efficiently around the client to reach the deal.

Theory of 4C takes consumer's feelings seriously and takes market demand as the direction, which is easier to be accepted by the market. Crusher company shall take effort to use 4C. At frist, to value crusher consumer's product experiences. Secondly, to consider client's feelings. Don't let client spend much time and cost in finding and purchasing. Thirdly, as to convenience, we think everyone knows how to do it. The last but not least is communication. To learn client's demands on crusher collocation, application scale, consumption level and so on, and then to give consumer best suggestions.

To sum up, marketing management is the same as fighting. Just as the ancient Chinese philosophical book The Art of War concludes, if you know yourself and your enemy, you'll never lose a battle. Theory...
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