Artificial Selection

Topics: Natural selection, Genetics, Selection Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Having study natural selection and artificial selection we wanted to select for a trait on the plant Brassica rapa. We hypothesized that the leaf density is heritable and veritable. After our experiment we were able to conclude that our hypothesis was refuted because our average leaf density in our daughter population increased. Introduction:

We are artificially selecting for a trait in the plant Brassica rapa. ( Wisconsin Fast Plant). Brassica rapa has been artificially selected for many generations under countless of experiments, where there have been different types of Brassica rapa that have come emerged ( Encyclopedia of Life, 2005). Artificial selection is the process of manipulation of animals and plants is the process of manipulation of animals and plants breeding by humans to select a particular desirable trait in a population (Freeman, 2005). The different breeds of domestic dogs goes through artificial selection because we select individuals with those desire traits to reproduce which causes different breed in dogs ( The American Heritage Dictionary).

Natural selection is the process by which organisms that are adapted to environment tend to survive and pass down their genetic traits that increase the number of successful generations while those who are less adapted to the environment tend to not survive and reproduce ( Biology 171 Laboratory Manual). Animals that are best suited for the environment for example dinosaurs before they were extinct were the animals that were suited to the environment because they were able to adapt because they were able to survive and pass down their biological traits to their children.

We are studying artificial selection and natural selection on the plant Brassica rapa. We observe that we can artificially select for a specific trait that we want to measure on the plant Brassica rapa. While making these observations we are able to question can manipulate the original population of Brassica rapa...
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