Artifact Synthesis Essay

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Ancient artifacts and works of art can be seen as some of the most important elements of the past in today’s museums. Some considerations for acquisitions upon an ancient piece must be made. Research and correct installation are just the beginning parts of securing a particular artifact. Preparation of grant proposals and ensuring proper storage are two needed steps in the process of decision. The message that the museum seeks to convey to the audience is quite imperative. It is important that only the artifacts that accurately describe the past be selected to show and tell their stories. Supposing the art is being exposed in the museum, the person responsible should make sure that visitors stay at a distance from the work of art and never touch it. Sometimes this is done by ropes surrounding the art so that nobody goes beyond them. Because the employees of the museum do not have only one work of art to look after, but many. If a work of art is new it does not change anything; most likely, if it’s old, it is more valuable than needing more security. One message of museums is to protect the past through preserving culture. The National Museum of American Indian protects Native American culture. Museums must “…protect and foster their culture” (Source C) and should be “…dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the life, languages, history, and arts” (Source C). Determining a museum’s message will determine how many artifacts and which ones will be appropriate for that museum’s given message. By doing do, it helps determine the number of ancient works the museum should have. It is important to preserve not just Native American culture, but all cultures. By determining which artifacts should be secured, the audience should be considered. The person responsible needs to consider how the works will appeal to a specific group of individuals. Different kinds of artifacts, such as, paper, photos, or pottery will have very different effects on a given...
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