Article Review "Wind Beneath My Wings "

Topics: Writing, Kill Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Article Review (content): “Wind Beneath My Wings”

This article was written by Karyl Chastain Beal. In this story a girl kills herself. She is Arlyn. After that her mother is trying to understand what had happened. Her mother can not believe that her daughter took her own life. Because Arlyn was happy and found joy in living; she laughed, learned and loved. Also she was in tune with nature and peace. Last time, Arlyn’s mother saw her when she was leaving for college two weeks ago. What had happened is Arlyn said goodbye to her mother and drove out into the country. She turned down a long, deserted dirt road and parked her car near a stream. She got out, took an old hunting rifle out of the trunk, placed its barrel into her mouth and pulled the trigger. Around 3:30, her mother answered a knock on her door. The man said her daughter was dead. The answer why Arlyn killed herself was she was manic-depressive. Arlyn’s parents found several journals of her writing. They turned her writings over to psychiatrist. Because in those writings, she wrote that she wanted to kill herself. Psychiatrist said Arlyn knew something was not right, so she had been tortured by confusion and shame and fear. Also her brilliant mind made it possible for Arlyn to hide this part of herself from others. He insisted she did not want to die. Arlyn’s mother began to understand that Arlyn may have viewed death as an escape from emotional pain. Her mother thought, if she had known Arlyn’s last day alive, she would have focused on her exclusively. In my opinion, this story is powerful and emotional. When I was reading it, first I felt happy because it was just a conversation between mother and daughter. Later, I felt sad and distressed. I felt sorry for Arlyn’s mother. She is very pitiful as she holds on to the fantasy that Arlyn would return. For example, she sits in her car, breathing in her lingering scent. She listens to her music and she wears some of her clothes. She calls her child’s...
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