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Topics: Scientific method, Theory, Science Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: February 14, 2013
1. What is the full reference for your article using APA format (6th edition)? Robinson-Riegler, B., & Robinson-Riegler, G. (2003). Readings in cognitive psychology. (pp. 213-221). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc. 2. What specific hypothesis or research questions does the study address? (2 pts) The main study is about parents explaining scientific material to their sons versus their daughters. The questions they are asking are “How are children informally exposed to scientific principles and conepts, and how does this exposure influence their later learning?” (Robinson-Rielger 213) “What factors may underlie the gender gap that exists in measures of science achievement?” (Robinson- Riegler 213) “Do girls and boys differ in the amount and quality of informal exposure to scientific principles?” (Robinson-Riegler 213) 3. How does answering the research questions(s) add something new to what is already known? If the study is a replication, why is that important? (2 pts) Answering the research questions adds something new because everyone has their own thoughts and ideas to why something happens or why people do what they do. Also if you have experience that can go along with your answers it might be more helpful to know your incite then of someone who has never experienced (in this case explaining scientific thinking to boys versus girls). 4. Who or what was studied (include the number of and key demographics for the participants)? The participants that were studied were boys and girls. The families included a mom a dad and either the parents had one child boy or girl or multiple children. The study was to find out how families interact and learn in informal science settings and if boys and girls experiences are the same or different. 5. In sequential order, what were the major steps in performing the study? (It’s best to record these in a flow chart – use an additional sheet only if needed). Please do not just repeat details from items 1 – 4...
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