Article Reaction - Worried About Strategy Implementation? Don’t Overlook Marketing’s Role

Topics: Marketing, Distribution, Organization Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Article Reaction: Worried about strategy implementation? Don’t overlook marketing’s role

Strategy implementation is at least as important as strategy development; indeed, most times strategies fail because they are not well-executed. According to Porter, all the elements of an organization’s architecture need to fit together in order to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage. In fact, competitors face stronger difficulties in imitating an array of interconnected activities rather than a single one. Marketing has a strong contribution to the implementation of alternative business strategies. This article deals with a study that analyses the link between business strategies and a marketing organizational architecture. A business strategy is the sum of decisions made to achieve competitive advantage; according to the authors, there are four types of strategies: 1. Prospectors: they usually try to enter emerging market or market segments with innovative new products. 2. Analyzers: they tend to quickly follow the prospectors and to compete with them by improving their products/services or with lower prices. 3. Low-Cost Defenders: they usually enter mature markets offering the lowest prices. 4. Differentiated Defenders: they compete in mature markets offering differentiated products or services at a premium price. A marketing organizational structure’s elements are:

* Organization culture: it represents the set of values and beliefs that lead an organization’s behaviors and decisions. There are four dominant types of culture: * Adhocracy: characterized by flexibility, external orientation and creative behaviors * Market: characterized by control, external orientation and competitive behaviors * Clan: characterized by flexibility, internal orientation and relationship-building behaviors * Hierarchy: characterized by control, internal orientation and behaviors based on predictability and smooth operations * Marketing...
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