Arthur Miller. a View from the Bridge. Is Eddie Responsible for His Own Death ?

Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: June 2, 2011
Is Eddie responsible for his own death in the book «  A view from the bridge » by Arthur Miller ?

In order to understand to what extent Eddie is responsible for his own death, it’s necessary to consider which elements led Eddie to be killed by Marco. Throughout the story told by Arthur Miller, we can see that the behaviour of Eddie plays a role in his death. He could have had a common life but the tragedy comes from the combination of different events which are linked.

The most important element of this story is the relationship between Eddie and Catherine. We can see that Eddie is too protective with Catherine : «  because most people ain’t people. She’s goin to work; plumbers; they’ll chew her to pieces if she don’t watch out » ( 11, A view from the bridge) We can also realise that Eddie loves his wife’s niece Catherine. This love is not allowed. « You want somethin’ else, Eddie, and you can never have her » (70) Because of his love for Catherine, Eddie becomes jealous and doesn’t like Rodolpho. Eddie will provoke him at different times. First he treats Rodolpho as if he was homosexual. «  And with that wacky hair ; he’s like a chorus girl or sump’m »(24) Then, Eddie provokes him with the boxing lesson. He takes advantage of the situation to hurt Rodolpho. «  Why ? I didn’t hurt him. Did I hurt you kid ? » (45) But this beginning of violence leads Marco to protect his brother and to face Eddie. It’s at the end of Act one that a tension begins between Eddie and Beatrice’s cousins.

This leads Eddie to a major conflict.
On the one hand he belongs to the Italian community and he wants to respect the laws of the « familiy », but on the other hand he knows that the American law can help him to get rid of Rodolpho and Marco to keep Catherine single. Eddie thinks that his niece deserves better than Rodolphpo : « To show her what he is ! So she would see, once and for all !... So what do I gotta do now ? «  ( 54)

When Eddie decides to denounce Marco and...
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