Art101 Week 2

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Nude Art



Summer Nickerson

Nude Art

Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase piece of art had a lot of controversy amongst Americans when it was first exhibited in the Amory Show of 1913. In this piece of art he did not have a women pose nude, but he used a series of pictures to portray a women walking nude down a flight of stairs. Many people when the first seen the work of art felt as though he was being disrespectful to the audience. The audience had a hard time finding the woman in the picture and also did not understand his way of art. Duchamp got the idea from stroboscopic photography also known as stop motion photography, where he first seen in in a book that contained several pictures of nude women. He used this idea to help him make his own piece of work that became known as the Nude Descending a Staircase.

Michelangelo’s sculpture of David was made to represent the victory of the tyrant Goliath and was also suppose to represent the Republican Florence. Many citizens did not like the nudity and some even opposed it by throwing rocks at the sculpture. Later on there where people who were paid to look after the sculpture. There was then made a skirt to cover the mid section of David.

Both artists spent a lot of time creating their masterpiece and to me that helps me better understand and have a better appreciation for the piece. I had a hard time at first understanding the Nude Descending a Staircase, I also had a hard time locating the women, but after reading about this artist I had a greater appreciation for his work of art. I really liked the statue of David, I have always loved sculptures, I also had a great appreciation for his work of art, and I also had an easier time understanding it. I believe having more knowledge of the artist and how the pieces become what they are helps people understand it and have a greater appreciation for the art.

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