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Topics: Girl, Gown, Dress Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: February 18, 2011
Brittany White
Art V01

Actual Museum Visit
Carnegie Art Museum Oxnard,CA-November 12,2010
The Theatre Series, dated 2010
Artist-Trujillo Puamier
The first piece of art that I chose to write about titled “The Theatre”. The median of this art is Chromogenic Print. I chose this particular piece of work because it reminds me of when my family and I go to different cities to watch different plays. We love to go to the different theatre’s. Looking at this painting reminds me of a particular place that we always go to. It also brought back memories to Elementary and Jr. High when my class would put on plays for friends and family. The stage is painted at the beginning of the play it looks like, with the curtain closed and the chairs on the side for what looks like could be where the narrators would sit. The stage is painted in red with the chairs being a variety of colors. Their is also a piano on the right hand side of the stage. Looking at this picture gives me that feeling puts a smile on my face because it’s one of the many activities that me an dmy family do when we want to get out and have a good time together and bond.

Martita-The Los Ninos Series, dated 2007
Artist-Joaquin Trujillo
This second piece of Art work that I chose to write about, titles Martita. The median is Chromogenic Print on Kodak Endura I chose because it reminds me of all my little cousins who love to get all dolled up not just on family occasions but on a daily basis. It actually reminds me of all little girls who love to play dress up and get all fancy in dresses and heels. This piece particulary reminds me of when me and my family have Family Reunion Banquets. Everybody gets formal and that is the time when everybody of all ages can come out in there best dresses to walk down the red carpet and to just have a good time. The artist placed the little girl in a real fancy formal gown with flower print. She is standing on stool posing. Her background looks like she could be at a...
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