Art in Artist's Society

Topics: Osamu Tezuka, Manga, Anime Pages: 3 (1207 words) Published: May 1, 2013
“Artmaking Practice often reflects an artist’s society” Explore this statement, with reference to the practice of two artists. My aim in this essay is to show through a study of my two chosen artists how much of an influence their society had on their artmaking practices. Both of the artists l have chosen have grown up with a form of trouble which has affected their artmaking practice. I have chosen two artists born approximately 200 years apart. The first artist l have chosen is Francisco Jose De Goya. Goya was born in Spain on the 30th of March in 1746. Goya was a portrait painter and a visionary. At the time when Goya was born the environment around him was highly religious and war –torn. During the early stages of Goya’s life he went to many different schools were his teachers have found out his talent in art. When he had grown older he had been a member of the Royal Tapestry Factory and had designed some 42 patterns, a few of these had been displayed in small churches around Spain. It was these tapestry’s that got the attention of Spanish Monarchs. In 1789 he was made court painter to Charles IV and in 1799 he was appointed First Court Painter. At the time when Goya was appointed Court painter, Napoleon had just invaded Spain and started taking over, which affected the way Goya was able to complete his artmaking practices. During the times when Goya was Court painter he often painted The Royal Family, and he added his own twist to the painting. For example, in the painting “Charles IV of Spain and his family” Goya chose to make all the faces of the Royal Family look similar to show corruption present under Charles VI. Charles’ wife Louisa is in the middle of the portrait so to symbolise who had the real power in the family. In the late of 1792, Goya got a serious illness which left Goya deaf and the result of this is he became more withdrawn and introspective. His artworks also changed dramatically; becoming darker and often having a special meaning...
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