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Kelsey Roth
Art gallery report

At the art gallery where everyone wanted to show off their art, Paul Wilson wanted to see how good their security was while everyone was at the show; so he called up a couple of his friends, Jason, Lisa, and Jennifer, and they mapped out a plan so they could steal someone’s painting while replacing it with a portrait that looks the same. So they ended up catering the event, serving food and drinks to people that were at the show; then they would put everyone in a different room across the other room and that’s where they would have a toast from the main artist. Then while he would give his speech, Lisa would make a big scene and distract them while the other two would make the switch in the paintings. The guard was standing in the room where the painting was so they had to change their plan. Once the guard left, hey did the switch in less than 5 seconds. Then as they made the switch, the security guards seemed a little weird and were walking around. Then while Jason took the painting and was trying to get out of the building while the security wasn’t looking, their was a 3rd party waiting outside in a vehicle waiting to pick the painting up then drive off.

After all that was done, they went back into the room where everyone was and told them what they had done. Everyone was shocked that something like this could have happened right in front of all those people, they also couldn’t believe how easily it was done and how easy they made it look. Now that that had happened, they have stronger and more security, they now mark the paintings with a tinger paint fingerprint that only can be seen with a black light, and they finally put alarms on the back of the paintings.
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