Art Exhibition Review

Topics: Painting, History of painting, Oil painting Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: October 28, 2012

Simone Mangos - DAMAGED

Have you ever wanted to satisfy your eyes and mind simultaneously? Have you ever wondered to have felt emotions actually placed inside of your mind and soul? DAMAGED is an exhibition that can surely supply your every need in an exhibition, it can cause people to react in ways both emotional and psychological. The artist responsible for this creation is Simone Mangos. Simone Mangos is a very brave and adventurous artist. Simone Mangos DAMAGED-Thalidomide Victims in Medical Document explores the horrific consequences of the Thalidomide tragedy. This exhibition will be open 2nd June until 5th August at the ART Gallery of NSW. This exhibition comprises of at least 10 oil paintings that were based on photographs of the thalidomide victims. The spark of her curiosity with the thalidomide victims happened when she was investigating Germany's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. ''Why deformed persons?'' she asks. ''Because they are one of the most stigmatized, misunderstood, misrepresented and disliked groups of people there is.'' The Thalidomide was produced by Grunenthal (German drug Company). It was originally used for pregnant women to relieve them of morning sickness. As she was investigating the medical documents and photographs of the Thalidomide victims she came across some disturbing pictures. The pictures were of thalidomide victims, but they were being manhandled and mistreated. ''German children were usually made to pose stark naked before the camera while being held in place, often severely, by unidentified persons,'' she says. This was not only in Europe but in other countries as well. They were forced to pose semi-nude in front of a camera and manhandled to stay still. Simone Mangos oil painting representation of the thalidomide victims reveals the carelessness of the thalidomide victims: in fig.2, A child is manhandled and is being roughly taken care of and also his eyes are blacked out; fig.1 , a...
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