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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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ARS 100—INTRODUCTION TO ART STUDY GUIDE for EXAM #1 (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4) Questions on the exam are not limited to the content of this study guide. Questions are derived not only from the study guide, but also from lectures, and readings. You should know the definitions and also be able to identify whether they apply to an image listed in the image list. KEY TERMS: Trompe l’oeil Nonobjective art Representational art Impasto Iconography Chiaroscuro Contrapposto value Linear perspective scale/hierarchical Emphasis Expressionistic art Unity & variety Design principles Visual elements Abstract art Hue Overlapping Saturation Realistic/Realism art Analogous colors Atmospheric perspective Complementary colors Visual elements Design principles Form/Content Style Volume Primary colors Local color Mass Shade Tint Kinetic art Texture Types of line (implied, contour, outline, spontaneous, gestural, psychological, actual) Function of line (create depth and texture, suggest movement, etc.) Types of shapes (geometric, organic, amorphous, biomorphic, positive, negative) Hatching/cross-hatching/stippling (know what they do) Balance (symmetrical, imbalance, asymmetrical, bilateral, pure/formal, and pictorial) Functions of art Vocabulary of art (Visual elements, principles of design, style, form, and content) Canon of proportion/Golden mean Images: 1. Andy Warhol, Four Marilyns, (Fig. 1-9, pg. 7) 2. Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party, (Fig. 1-10, pg. 8) 3. Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Eclipse, (Fig. 1-24, pg. 16) 4. Faith Ringgold, Tar Beach, (Fig. 1-27, pg. 17) 5. Jackson Pollock, Number 14: Gray, (Fig. 2-2, pg. 27) 6. Elizabeth Murray, Tangled Fall, (Fig. 2-22, pg. 39) 7. David Gilhooly, Bowl of Chocolate Moose (Fig. 2-53, pg. 55) 8. Archibald J. Motley Jr., Saturday Night, (Fig. 3-2, pg. 69) 9. Robert Capa, Death of a Loyalist Soldier (Fig. 3-18, pg. 77) 10. Chuck Close, Lucas II, (Fig. 3-20, pg. 78) 11. Roy Lichtenstein, Forget It! Forget Me! (Fig. 4-2, pg. 92) 12. Grant Wood,...
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