Armageddon the Movie

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Impact event, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: December 11, 2012
In the movie Armageddon the main character are faced with very difficult situation. A Texas-sized asteroid will hit the earth in 18 days that would destroy earth, as we know it. Not sure of what to do to prevent this with the help of the military and NASA scientist, they decide to insert a nuclear bomb imbedded 800 feet inside the asteroid splitting the asteroid in two preventing it from impacting the earth. NASA contacts a deep-sea oil driller, Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis), who is considered the best of the best. Harry meets with Dan Truman (Billy Bob Thornton) who is leading the whole mission. After informing Harry how complex of the situation is, he agrees to gather a team and carry out the plan. In February 2010, 2005YU55 was rated 1 on the Torino Scale. This scale is defined as scale from 0 to 10. A 0 indicates an object has a negligibly small chance of collision with the Earth and A 10 indicates that a collision is certain, and the impacting object is large enough to precipitate a global disaster. On the 19th of April 2011 highly accurate radar lowered the possibilities by a 50% of 2005YU55 impacting our planet earth. 2005 YU55 was removed from the Sentry Risk Table on April 22 2010. According to scientist this improvement eliminated any chance of an asteroid impacting the Earth within the next 100 years. Many may ask themselves are we safe from an asteroid that is going to impact the earth? How can we defend our planet from some uncontrollable events of nature? According to NASA the US congress has made a deep investigation on the impacts of 1993, 1998, and 2002. In 1998 NASA created a program (NEO Program Office) an organization that spends between $3-4 million per year. This organization searches for large object that may approach earth resulting in an impact. But can we defend ourselves from such situation? Some government agencies have brought up some concerns about this hazard but have not funded any defense research. In 2005 the congress meet with...
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