Argumentative Essay-Underage Drinking

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  • Published : January 26, 2012
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Jane Doe

Ms. Smith

English 11

17 October 2011

Underage Drinking and You

According to, an average of twelve thousand nine hundred eighty two people die a year from underage drinking; many of them being car accidents. With so many people underage drinking, I feel that the law should be heavily enforced that underage drinking is NOT okay. There should be no underage drinking, whatsoever, under the legal age of twenty one.

Underage drinking is very hard on the human’s brain development. The front part of your brain, the decision maker, is not fully developed until you are an adult. Drinking before that age can impact your brains healthy development. Many people may not know how to handle drinking, and the amount that their body is consuming. Some people may argue that alcohol makes them “feel good.” These people obviously have no concept of life, because if you do other things you enjoy such as; sports, clubs, movies, hang out with friends, etc. You could find many other activities that can make you feel good.

Underage drinking cause’s people to make bad decisions, such as; driving while intoxicated, becoming pregnant, and making a complete fool of themselves while intoxicated, are just be a few instances that can and will impact your life forever. Some individuals don’t understand what alcohol really does to the body. Beer has empty calories that will make you gain weight. Which is why a lot of alcoholics have larger stomachs, or another term many people use for these large stomachs is, “beer belly.” Some people may say that alcohol helps you escape your problems and is a stress relevant. Alcohol will not only bring more stress onto your life, it will also bring more problems. As much as people may feel alcohol helps, it really won’t help. If you need help that bad, I would suggest a therapist to help you with your problems, not a depressant. So that...