Argumentative Essay Parental Rights"

Topics: Child abuse, Law, Human rights Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Argumentative Essay

Is the judicial system too lenient on parental rights even when those parents do not really deserve to have those rights to begin with? Some parents take those rights that are handed to them for granted. Children are here for us to love and cherish. The right to do that should be taken away from some parents that are not really “parents.” Parents that abuse their children (physically, mentally, or sexually) should have those rights stripped away from them forever. Just because both parents of a child are not together legally does not mean that both parents should not still help take care of their children financially. Yes, there are child support laws, but the lack of enforcement of these laws make them useless. So, in turn, I do feel that the judicial system is too lenient on parental rights.

Parental rights in this country are taken for granted too often. Parents, who call themselves “parents,” do not really know the meaning of that word. There are so many people that want children so badly that they would give anything to go to their child’s first school play or cheer at their first football game. Helping with homework, grounding them for getting a bad grade on a report card, or even hugging them after having a bad day at school are just a few things to mention about an average day being a parent. Good and bad, it all comes with the title of being a parent, or I say it should. Parents that are not around to deal with these sorts of things really should not call themselves parents. Often the “so called” parent is only around to have fun and be a child’s friend, and other parent has to be the “bad guy” all the time.

Yet, what if one of the parents is an abuser? Abusers have no right to have any rights to children at all. Children are to love, not to abuse. An adult has no reason to abuse a child. Physical, mental, or sexual abuse should never be combined with the word children, ever. These parents that do...
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