Argumentative Essay About Constitution

Topics: United States, United States House of Representatives, United States Constitution Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: June 1, 2013
February 22, 1788
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To the Editor:
I am not in the favor of adopting the Constitution. I believe that a constitution should meet every one of its states or providences interests. Our constriction is clearly biased in its ideas and terms. It is unfair and shouldn’t be the foundation for our new country. Some statements are too broad and will cause arguments within the country to try to define what they mean. This could cause mass turmoil in the country and may disrupt foreign affairs. That would be unfair to America and its citizens. Another reason is that the smaller states have less representation in the House of Representatives, which is based on population. This could cause the smaller sates to disconnect form the United States and take valuable resources that keep America’s economy running. Also civil wars may break out from the unfair control of power. My last reason is that government officials could become corrupt with power. With a small agreement between a dictator like president and some loyal congressmen we could plunge into a never ending debt and warfare that we wouldn’t be able to recover from. This would leave our country vulnerable to attack and infiltration. It would also liberate our freedom and rights that make America unique.

I understand reasons for adopting the constitution. It provides better communication between the national and state governments; this would allow the countries wealth to prosper. However, this could lead to the nation favoring larger states as they have more representation in the House of Representatives. This again would prove unfair for the smaller states like New Jersey due to the fact that a state like Virginia could receive more supplies as they are bigger and more powerful in the House of Representatives. In conclusion, I believe that adopting the Constitution is not the right choice. Based on facts...
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