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Topics: Marriage, Sociology, Parent Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Q: Do Parental Negligence Lead to Social Problem Among Youngters
There is a statistic proves that juvenile delinquencies among the youngsters are alarming from year to year. It has been a huge polemic that always being debated by the leaders as everybody knows that the youngsters are the ones who will lead our nation in future. Yusuf Al-Qardhawi said that, “if we want to see the situation of our country in the future, just consider about our young generation”. There must be a main cause regarding this issue. In my opinion, I strongly agree that parental negligence is the main cause of the social problems among the youngsters. My first point of view is, parents have educated their children in wrong ways. Why do I say like that? This is surely because, parents try to make their children educated with moral values such as respect, tolerance and kind- hearted. But they give their children with materials as they assume that, if they give those kind of things to their children, they will not be involved in social problems. Examples, parent who gives a playstation to their children are kindly hoping that their child will not involve with typical juvenile cases such as smoking,clubbing and free sex. Absolutely they are totally wrong because the right education that must be given to children is teaching them with good deeds, not materials. Besides that, marriage problems also lead to parental negligence. Generally, what is the relation between marriage problems and parental negligence? Actually, it is obvious in this millennium era that both of them are closely related. This because, if marriage problems such as divorce is arising among the parents, their duties to educate and look after their children will be affected. Lets imagine, who else will look after the children if not their own parents. The children especially youngsters will feel stress with this situation and they will probably do something crazy such as suicide. For...
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