Argumentation-Persuasion Essay

Topics: Standardized test, Test, High-stakes testing Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Argumentation-Persuasion Essay
17 February 2012
Standardized Testing and Students
Standardized testing can be stressful for high school students. The outcome of the test determines whether the student passes or fails. The test is useful when diagnosing a problem or trying to determine if a student has learned what the teacher has taught them. Standardized test results are used as a large factor to make decisions regarding graduation and grade promotion. When standardized tests become high stakes tests is when they become a problem. Standardized testing is a problem because it affects the curriculum being taught in school, has negative impacts, and the test itself is biased against some of the students taking it.

Standardized testing is a test that is administered and scored in a consistent manner. “Promote and emotional learning are the two major effects of students (Ward, 44)”. Promote learning assessment motivates students. The students are expected to study the material because they know they will be tested on it. Emotional impact causes affects students which in turn affects teachers. “Teachers feel anxiety and guilt for having to give tests (Haladyna, 165).” Teachers do not want to give the test, but they know it will help the students in the future. “Many students hate the experience of taking standardized tests (Nathan).” Students do not want to take the test, but they know they have to take it.

Standardized testing has negative aspects. “Standardized testing affects the curriculum being taught in school, it affects how teachers teach their students, and usually affects how much meaningful learning takes place in a classroom (Ormrod, 538).” It is a common misunderstanding that what is taught in a classroom and what is tested is the same thing. It is also wrongly though that what is test is what is taught in the classroom. “Unfortunately, what students are tested on, do not always match up with the instructional content and...
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