Argument Analysis: Marketing to Children

Topics: Nutrition, Advertising, Marketing Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Rachel Carr
Professor Kingery
English 101
November 1, 2012
Marketing to Children
Marketing has always targeted children because they are easy to influence. If you ask a kid where they want to eat, they always pick the place that gives out toys over the place that is actually better for them. This is the result of advertising to children, but, are we holding the right people responsible for the children’s choices. Yes, marketing is a considerable issue on our youth however there are factors that most leave out.

The article The Ethics of Food Advertising Targeted Toward Children: Parental Viewpoint touches on how advertising in the market directly effects children’s unhealthy food choices and is centered around the parents’ ethical views of advertising food for children. This article uses statistical evidence to prove just that, that the market is affecting the health of children on a global scale. The article then turns to how some are tackling this issue with bans and regulations on advertising to our youth. The rest of the article is about a survey completed by parents to further prove their viewpoint on the effects that advertising has on children. The four main points of parents’ attitude toward food advertising according to the survey are: there is too much advertising directed at children, advertisers deceive children to buy their products, there is too much sugar in the foods being advertised, and that advertising teaches children bad eating habits. Additionally, the statistics offer considerable concern about obesity, in showing that roughly 50% of elementary-school children and 80% of teenagers will encounter obesity. Due to the statistical evidence provided parents have become increasingly concerned on how marketers have been conducting ethical practices in promoting their products. They go as far to blame the markets for the increased levels of childhood obesity. The survey that is conducted in the article looks further into the parental views...
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