Argentina Destep

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Accroding to euromonitor, Argentina has a population of 41,240,000 people. 4,417.300 of the population of Argentina is 65+. The forcast for 2015 will show that 11.1 percent, of the people who lives in Argentina. Will be 65 or older. In 2015, 16 percent of the people will be in their twenties. Between now and 2015, 15 percent of the people will be in their thirtees. When you look which agegroup will make the biggest growth. From now till 2020 it will be the agegroup of 35-49.

In Argentina 15,149.470 have an internetconnection, that is 36,73 percent.

18 percent of the households are without childeren. In 2007 43 percent of the houdholds are couples with childeren. When you look at the forecast of 2005 it will be 41 percent.

And about 14 percent of the housholds in Argentina consits of singel parents.

The growth of the population is less then one percent. The housholds are getting smaller and the population is aging.

When you look at the GDP, measured at purchasing power parity, the trend is. That it is growing. For example, in 2010 it was 632,633.04 and in 2011 it is 672,927.71. If you look at the growth at the real GPD percentage. You will notice thay in the year 2009 there was growth of 0.89 precent. But in 2010 there was a growth of 8.50 percent and in 2011 the growth will be, 5.00 percent.

10.6 of the GPD is used for the healthcare sector. This is the highest percentage in Latin Amercia.

A problem of Argentina is the inflation, since 2007 the inflation went up. For atleast 6.20 percent. When you look at 2010 en 2011. The percentage is 10.45 and 10.61. So that is a very high growth.

The export of goods and services were in 2009 244,569.000. The import was 183,301.000 dollar. So their export value is higher then their import value. When you take a look to the consumer expenditure from 2005 till 2010. There is a growth. In the year 2010 the consumer expenditure value is 780,819.000. In the previous year it was,...
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