Are We Free to Make Our Own Choices in Life?

Topics: Freedom of speech, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet Pages: 7 (2278 words) Published: December 2, 2012
1st essay

Are we free to make our own choices in life?

Although it sounds appealing to make one's own decision freely, it is actually an impractable goal as the society has exerted significant influence and restrictions on individuals and has shaped one's value of what they should do and what they should not do. In today's society, people are more free to make our own choices than we were before, but it is true that we canno indulge our interests at the cost of transgressing the basic rules of the society.

The first example is about the choice of curriculum. Nowadays, we are much less limited when choosing extracurriculum activities and collegial groups than people were before; however, there are basic disciplines which must not be neglected such as Mathematicis, English Literature, Physics and Chemistry. These disciplines are compulsory because they will greatly assist your future career and well-being, while choosing to ignore these compelling courses will undoubtedly result in a great obstable since you are not equipped with some of the most basic skills. Furthermore, you will be less likely to enroll in an outstanding university or college, which can be attributed to your choice of not taking these basic disciplines. Actually, everyone is provided with a concrete and immutable schedule for daily couses whcih will not be altered by any individual student withour a reasonable application and cogent explanation. From this example, we can see that there are courses that we hove to choose to study. In other words, we cannot make a choice totally freely on which courses to take.

Another example is about filial responsibility. Turning to Chinese society, it is a written law that every grown-up should look after his or her parents if economically permitted. One of my neighbour is a vile women, always shouting against her parents and asking her parents for money.I usually herar augument with her parents on economic issues. In fact, she does not shoulder the responsibility of a daughter to take care of her elderly parents; instead, she throws herself in the cyberspace, not willing to take on a job to "act as" a daughter. She may not be punished by law; however, every family in our community has acknowledged her notorious reputation and malicious behaviour. As she decides not to take care of her parents, she has broken the basic law of the society--conscience. Her case indicates that people who make choices regardless of the rules of society will be injurious to not only the people around them but also themselves.

In conclusion, we are more or less limited by the rules of society when making decisions. However, as far as I am concerned, these rules should bot by regarded as obstacles, but should rather be considered as contribution to the stability and harmony of the hole society.

2nd Essay

What must we do to truly understand ourselves?

As an old saying goes, 'It is always being difficult for people to judge themselves evenhandedly.' And I agree that many people do not have general idea what he or she is like in others' eyes. Therefore, from my perspective, to communicate with other people, discuss some common topics, or even argue about something can not only help people have truly understandings of others but also themselves.

Two characters, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy in the Pride and Prejudice, a far-reaching novel, can serve as an example. Their first interaction was on a ball where Mr Darcy refuses to dance with Elizabeth, who regarded him as a person with rude and pride personality ever since. After that, another officer, Wickham's accusations enhanced Elizabeth's prejudice about Darcy. Both of them, Elizabeth and Darcy, have the idea that the other is proud while have no idea about their own personalities. Nevertheless, as time goes by, Darcy falls in love with Elizabeth and expresses his feelings to her. He is astounded by her prejudice about him. He sends Elizabeth a letter telling everything...
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