Are We Digital Dummies

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Are We Digital Dummies?

Twelve billion text messages are sent worldwide every day. Our means for communication in todays society are endless: there are 3 billion cell phone users, 1 billion personal computer users (which is expected to double in the next 4 years), and 13 million Canadians are Facebook users. In the documentary “Are We Digital Dummies?” done by CBCs the Doc Zone, they examine what exactly our high dependence on technology is doing to us as a society.

The documentary begins by laying down the facts: that cell phone and personal computing have only been around since the 1980’s, and that before that computers were big machines that were typically only used for data processing. Then came the information revolution that helped the flattening and broadening of communication, leading to today’s idea that you can meet anyone anywhere at anytime. They then interview Todd Maffin, who is a technology consultant. He believes that everyone has the general feeling that they are under performing compared to their coworkers so they perceive the need to be always “on”. Meaning that we must be constantly connected to our phones or computers to be able to stay at the top of the pack. He thinks that marketing has convinced us that this is the better way, but he personally does not agree that this is the case.

Are We Digital Dummies? then examines how much our society uses technology in various different situations. They show how technology has even taken over politics. Politicians use it as a communication tool because it gives them access to the best information at all times. They even interviewed one Liberal MP who told them that each MP’s office is given four blackberries to ensure that they are on time and that they get their spin on the stories out first. They then examined the effects of technology on people performance in things like work, personal life, driving, and even etiquette, but their main focus is on whether or not we are born multi-taskers....
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