Are Old People Wiser?

Topics: Learning, Time, Mobile phone Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Are older people wiser? Discuss your views.


Point| Yes, older people can be thought to be wiser as they may have a wide range of knowledge.| Explanation / Elaboration| As they have lived over a long period of time, they would necessarily have more life experience than someone who is younger. Through these experiences, they would have gained knowledge and insights that a younger person may not have. | Example| For example, an older person with a family would have had some experience caring for children. Such firsthand experience is valuable as it is not the same as studying childcare through a book. ORFor example, they could have learnt organisational skills through many years of working experience. These skills cannot be taught, but have to be honed through many years of practice. | Link| Hence older people would have practical experience that younger people do not have and thus have greater insights over a wide range of topics. |


Point| No, older people may not be wiser as they may not be adapt to new ways of doing things. | Explanation / Elaboration| Society is constantly changing and new ways and methods of doing things are constantly being developed. Just in terms of technology, society has seen rapid changes in recent years, with regards to social media, smart phones and tablets. Because the changes have been so drastic within such a short span of time, older people may not be able to keep up with the changing technology. Whereas, the younger generation would not face such an issue, having grown up with such technology. | Example| For example, many things that could not be done with a phone in the past are now a reality. Pictures can be “scanned” using a phone. Such improvements help us to be more efficient in the way we perform our duties. | Link| Hence older people may not be wiser as they may not be able to be as effective in doing certain tasks especially if they are unable to adopt new and efficient means...
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