Are HVAC Contractors Trustworthy?

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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An Important Issue in Business Ethics
Kevin Davis
PHL 323
February 6, 2013
Kevin Burke

An Important Issue in Business Ethics
In the modern day business of heating and air conditioning (HVACR), contractors’ ability to do ethical business is questionable. The article that I selected examined the investigation on the High Velocity Air Conditioning Industry by the NBC’s Today Show, the author Herb Woerpel states “Are HVAC contractors trustworthy? A recent undercover investigation conducted by NBC News' "Today" show suggests that residential HVACR technicians are after one thing: a homeowner's money.”(Woerpel, 2012). NBC’s “Today” show investigative reporter shows the deficiency in business ethics. The concern that was raised by the investigative reporter, tried to show that HVAC contractors do not operate under ethical guidelines. The ground rules were pretty simple for this investigative report. It states that “NBC then affixed eight hidden cameras on the air conditioner and secretly filmed as six contractors responded to a service call to diagnose and fix the issue.”(Woerpel, 2012). They created a very easy inexpensive repair for a qualified HVAC technician to repair. Then, NBC had a female correspondent as a home owner which was set up for this report. Each of the six contractors easily found and repaired the minor defect. NBC revealed the unethical, if not criminal, actions by the part of the HVAC contractors that, “One repairman claimed the problem was caused by a faulty capacitor, and requested $395 for the repair. Another told the homeowner that the unit was leaking combustible fluid and requested $692 to repair the nonexistent problem. Yet another handyman wanted $850 for several unnecessary parts, and a fourth contractor demanded $950 for three parts including a time delay that wasn't even in the unit.” (Woerpel, 2012) Four out of the six contractors, unethically attempted to over charge the perspective consumer for unnecessary repairs....
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