Are Elizabeth Bennet or Emma Bovary Heroines?

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Test: Would Elizabeth Bennet or Emma Bovary considered heroes?

Pride and Prejudice and Madame Bovary, two books written in the nineteenth century shared by two of the stars most famous and controversial as well as common themes and motifs that are easily contrasted or opposed. With the first sentence in Pride and Prejudice can make the entry of recurring action will be present in both novels. "It is a truth That a single aknowledged Universally man in possession of a good fortune must-be in want of a wife". If a wealthy man of good social class should be looking for a wife a lady therefore seek the same qualities in her future husband. For the nineteenth century saw marriage as one of the achievements in life that must be met early. Both novels are giving different views of how marriage should be at the time and each player interprets it very differently to the first, while Pride and Prejudice ends with the marriage of the gather and protagonsita, Madame Bovary begins with the wedding Emma in the early chapters. Elizabeth Bennet treated it as a conservative you would expect to find a true and pure love to spend the rest of his life without considering the social and economic status of their spouse, unlike many other characters (specifically Charlotte Lucas, his best friend) which state that marriage is only a tool for social benefit and happiness in them is a matter of luck, the less they know it would be more convenient "-a slight preference is natural enough, But There are very FEW of us Who Have enough to be really heart in Love Without encouragement. In nine cases out of ten, a woman had better show more affection Than She Feels. "(Chapter 6, second paragraph). This becomes an ideology very common for this era. Emma Bovary share this thinking a certain way but unlike Elizabeth, this leaves his life unnoticed by the ambition to keep a love like the novels they read in a life of glamor and comfort (leaves both her husband and his daughter in this pursuit). Importantly, both players have a provincial life (country life), are part of a comfortable middle class, both aspire to a happy and romantic and reiterated works THROUGH the beauty of the stars. The essential difference between each of them falls in their very different personalities, performance, decision making, moral, emotional intelligence, aspirations and social circles.

A very good example of Elizabeth's emotional intelligence is when Darcy makes his first statement, proposes marriage and is answered with "... I have no pretension whatever kind of elegance to That Which Consists in tormenting a respectable man. I would rather be paid the compliment of Being Believed sincere ... My feelings in Every Respect forbid it. Can I speak plainer? Do not Consider me now as an elegant female, intending to plague you, But as a rational creature, speaking the truth from her heart. ". It's pretty clear what that is independent and clinging to its values ​​as a woman, keeping her somewhat idealistic but realistic expectations. In contrast the same line of emotional intelligence, Emma spends most of the novel imagining herself a better life structured around writing romance novels, not knowing she resorts to control adultery and abandonment of their values ​​in a single holding cycle will spiral down in the first, second and last part of the novel begins with a relationship expectations too high, quickly tired of the situation, resort to any immoral act, he begins to see the consequences of their actions, is depressed, finds solace in a memory of your past or religion (which both are attached) only for starting new illusions again the next stage of its cycle of moral corruption. Extent, selfishness and beauty are determinants termed moral and ethical status of each player.

Both players arrive early to assist the development of dance works but their reactions within them are very different. Elizabeth is very delicately dancing despite Darcy's famous remark "She is...
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