Arctic Explorers

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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6th period
3 May 2012
Polar Pioneers
Thirteen months into an Antarctic exploration Roald Amundsen found him and his fellow explorers engulfed by a sea of eternal ice. There was no escaping the lingering death traps surrounding the ship, without waiting for the frozen sea to release them. So they waited, for thirteen months, hunting seals and making warm clothes out of blankets (“Roald Amundsen”). This is one of many stories of Artic pioneers who have endured the treacherous components the Artic has to offer. Artic explorers are under recognized adventurers who endure life-threatening conditions and enhance our knowledge of uninhabited places. The conditions of the Artic are something that people underestimate. An eternally frost bitten territory with scarce humans braving and battling its masked features. On March 2011, three explorers set off to document the frigid world of the artic to provide knowledge for the naked eye of society. “They faced extremely challenging conditions, battling head-winds and negative drift, negotiating thin ice, and swimming across large areas of open water” (“M2PRESSWIRE”). Temperatures dropping minus fifty degrees Celsius, made this expedition extremely difficult but the explorers were ready to work. These are some of the teeth clenching conditions that explorers face. The surreal temperatures and conditions that they battle everyday are to all to provide us with more information to make everyday life easier. All of these crazy adventures and explorations have a purpose; to retrieve vital information about the huge world of unexplored secrets that we live in. Without artic explorers, society would be clueless about the ice capped regions at northern and southern part of Earth. These pioneers have paved the foundation of political and geographic regions. Whether providing more land to migrate to or providing more information about the Earth, they are a very essential piece to society and make a substantial difference of our...
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