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Hi Kefak? Ca va?
On a Friday night, while the family was gathering at my grandfathers’ house, we were watching television. My grandpa suddenly shouts out “where is the Hakoom?”, no one understood what he meant by “hakoom” but when he corrected the word and said “remote control” the remote was handed in to him. This issue, Arabizi penetrating the Arab world, gave rise to Dalia al Kury to film the documentary, Arabizi. The production company O3 filmed the documentary in Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt. These specific countries were chosen; as Jordan represents the Sham countries, Kuwait, the GCC and Egypt, the African Arabic countries. Arabizi is the mixing of Arabic with English; as Arabs claim that they can express themselves more clearly. To be more specific as mentioned in the article, In Jordan the Young and Hip Speak Arabizi “It is easier to express yourself in English about topics that are considered taboo, like sex”(Villelebeitia,I.,2005, In Jordan the Young and Hip Speak Arabizi, Reuters, 17 December). The documentary, Arabizi, indicates the spread of this phenomenon in the Middle East. Moreover, the film interviews professors from different areas that explain how Arabizi is affecting the Arabic language and if it causes any identity crises. It is known that Arabizi builds a meaningful reference to how this hybrid language has a weak identity, to clear up; it doesn’t retaliate to the national standards. Around ten minutes into the documentary, Dalia Al Kury interviews Khaldoun Al-Naqib a Political sociology professor in Kuwait University where he analyses this diverse. Professor Khaldoun discusses the weaknesses of Arabizi. Also, he rationalizes how we should not be afraid of this transitional phenomenon. Kuwait University is a public university where the courses are taught in English. Dr. Khaldoun concludes that teaching in English is scandalous, in this manner; universities dominant goal is to glorify the local culture to a higher level. In other words, when universities teach in English they do not benefit the local culture as they decrease the popularity of the Arabic language. Moreover, not only the local culture will be affected but also the new generation where they would not know their roots properly. As a result, English overcomes the Arabic culture and creates the diverse, Arabizi. In addition, Europeans do not show any kind of interest in the Arabic language, for instance, European universities teach in their language and they are proud of it. This phenomenon helps in the increase of the use of Arabizi around teenagers. Certainly because it creates an appalling concept of life where they grow up with the effect of the west entering their culture, in spite of that, Arabic is not treated the same way by the west. Hence, making the Arab youths keen towards English as they grow up with it, therefore, creating this diverse. Technology and media are one of the main reasons behind the creation of this hybrid language. Dalia al Kury interviews Shareef Badruddin, a marketing executive for MBC, which makes the documentary very credible as MBC channels are one of the most popular channels in the Arab world. MBC Group includes 10 television channels three of them; MBC 2, MBC 4 and MBC Action. These channels broadcast 24-hour English movies brought from the west and mostly from Hollywood, America. During his interview he asserts how series and movies from the Middle East are financially prosperous however, Arabs still keen towards the wests’ entertainment. Furthermore, Badruddin doesn’t stop here, he also describes how this generation, Generation X, were born around technology and they grew up with the internet surrounding them. Also, Social networking influenced their language where they talk about downloading, CDs and DVDs and not knowing their synonyms in Arabic. On the other hand, the west do not show much interest in the Arabic Media, making the Arabs think that the wests language is superior causing this diverse,...
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