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Topics: Insulin, Protein, Glucose Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Design process
1. We are making an insulin receptor model showing how the receptor works on the cell and allows glucose flow though it.

2. We need to make a model out of some kind of craft material that will allow for us to portray a insulin receptor and will move easily for demonstration

3. – insulin receptors are mainly on the outside of the cell and have multiple components to them

* Main job of an insulin receptor is to allow for the insulin to bond to the receptor to allow for the glucose to pass thought out the cell and into the blood when necessary. * Classmates with be using this model to show themselves how the receptor works and how it moves 4. – the model needs to be able to move

* The materials need to be something easily accessible and are good for moving around * Needs to show the main idea and concept of a insulin receptor * Can be out of clay or other craft materials

5. – could make the model out of clay or play dough
* Needs to show where the two separate places for the insulin and glucose bond and enter the cell * Can move to show how the insulin bonding makes the receptor open to take in glucose 6. We are making our model out of clay because it’s easily moldable and can be used to make a model move easily. 7. One half of the model will be for the insulin bonding receptor allowing the glucose module to open farther and allows the glucose to flow through the cell membrane 8. Created a small version to see if the clay would move and ,old the way we needed 9. We used the design and saw if we could continuously move it and show how the glucose enters the cell though the receptor 10. We adjusted the popsicles sticks to show where the insulin and glucose appear to move into the cell 11. We used some play dough to steady the popsicles sticks and was able to create the model out of clay like we first planed 12. Our final version is made of clay and popsicles sticks...
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