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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Mrs. Passerelli

The stock market crash in the 1920’s shook the nation from top to bottom. There was immense amount of chaos through the country because people had lost their entire life savings and weren’t ever going to get them back and some people because of sudden poverty were turning into homeless citizens. All banks had to shut its doors for the public because there was no more money left to give. President Hoover and his administration used the “leave it alone” approach, which meant that the government would not intervene in businesses. Many citizens were angered by this approach and protested in front of the white house thus creating the hoovervilles. In this mass amount of protesters, there were large amounts of WWI veterans ready to collect their pensions. By the time of the 1933 election, FDR had won the election by a land slide. Although the election of FDR and the creation of his “New Deal” didn’t bring an end to the Great Depression, it did bring Relief, Reform and Recovery. These three components helped the nation to recover from powerful old fashioned economic laws. In the process, the Great Depression’s impact was weakened and was going to slowly fade away by the end of WWII.

Through the creation of “alphabet agencies” to provide jobs for the citizens, the large amount of jobless people of the Great Depression decreased. The Civil Works Administration (CWA 1933) constructed roads, schools and parks, employing over 4 million workers from November 1933-April 1934. Another agency known as the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA 1933) created dams all across the region and then used those dams to create cheap electricity for seven states in the TN area. Also the National Youth Administration (NYA 1935) provided work and scholarships to high school and college men and women to excel in life for their families. Men and women were given the chance to acquire a good education and become productive members in society to help better the...
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