Apsa 80

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What is APSA-80?
APSA-80, a product of Amway is an all purpose spray adjuvant which on mixing with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and defoliators increases their efficacy. As a result of that, the crops, fruits and vegetable are better protected from diseases, pests and unwanted herbs, resulting in more productive yield. This adjuvant has 80% of active ingredients and this can be mixed in any solution to improve its performance many times Note : APSA-80 is neither an insecticide nor a fertiliser. It is an adjuvant that enhances the performances of insecticides and fertilisers and also helps water or solution to penetrate deeper. How does APSA-80 work?

APSA - 80 contains special elements - ' Non Ironic Surfactants' that break down the surface tension of the water. These surfactants work on the surface of the water droplet to reduce its tendency to bead up by pulling the water and the wax on the leaf surface together, reducing the water's surface tension and causing the water droplet to spread out. When the water used in pesticide sprays spreads out more evenly, the result is much better pesticide coverage. Adding APSA-80 helps insecticides, defoliators and foliar fertilisers to penetrate the surface of the leaf faster and more evenly. How to Use APSA-80?

With Insecticides, Fungicides, Foliar Fertilisers and Defoliators: Prepare a solution if insecticides / fungicides / foliar fertilisers / defoliators and water. Follow the mixing instructions recommended by the pesticide manufacturer. Mix 5ml of APSA-80 ( 1 / 4th capful) per 15litres of pestcide or foliar fetiliser solution. Spray normally on the crop

With Post - Emergent Herbicides :
Make a solution of the post-emergent hherbicide to be used with water in the spray tank. Follow the mixing instructions recommended by the herbicide manufacturer. Mix 20ml of APSA - 80 (1 capful) per 15 litres of post emergent berbicide solution Spray normally on the crop.

For use as an Irrigation Aid
Mix 160ml of APSA...
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