Applying Theories of Memory and Forgetting

Topics: Psychology, Long-term memory, Time Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Applying Theories of Memory and Forgetting

PSY 103

June 02, 2010

This paper will have information about Long Term Memory and information on forgetting. It will also explain my plan for remembering information on the test in week 4.

Long Term Memory
Long Term Memory stores Short Term Memory that you want to keep. Where some Short Term Memory is not stored, Long Term Memory holds on to the information that is important or needed.

I have a very good memory. My husband says I am like an elephant. I never forget anything. However, I have found that if something doesn’t interest me, I easily forget it. An example would be Algebra. I have never enjoyed this. I think I forget it because I see no use for it. I never use it. And as it says in the Decay Theory, “Use it Or Lose It.” (Carpenter, Visualizing Psychology, Second Edition)

When it comes to testing my nerves tend to get the best of me. Because I try so hard to remember everything I over work myself and I tend to end up remembering less. I think this would coincide with the Retrieval Theory. The information is there, I just cannot access it. I took too much on at one time and did not give myself a break to process it all.

When I was testing in High school I can remember being so nervous and so worked up that I could not remember anything. Now in college I have realized to take my time when studying and to take breaks when needed. You cannot remember everything at once and overworking yourself will only work against you.

My Plan
Everyone should have a plan to study. If you just go at it guns a blazing you are most likely going to forget most of what you have studied. I plan to use the Information – Processing Approach to study for the test. This process has 3 steps which are Encoding, Storing and Retrieving.

First I will start by studying the information needed for the test. But I will take my time. I will sit down several times throughout the week and study parts of...
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