Applications of Ceramics

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Application of Ceramics
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Ceramics are used in an array of applications:
* Compressive strength makes ceramics good structural materials (bricks in houses and stones blocks in pyramids) * High voltage insulators and spark plugs are made from ceramics due to its electrical conductivity properties * Because of their good thermal insulation, ceramics are used as tiles in ovens and as exterior tiles on the shuttle orbiter. * Hardness abrasion resistance, imperviousness to high temperatures and extremely caustic conditions allow ceramics to be used in special applications where no other material can be used * Chemical inertness, wear resistance and strength makes ceramics ideal for biomedical applications like orthopedic prostheses and dental implants. Examples of ceramics used is zirconia and alumina * Wear resistance makes ceramics to be used for bearings, liners, seal and agricultural machinery. Examples of ceramics used are alumina and zirconia * Ceramics have high hardness and toughness values making them useful in the manufacture of cutting tools and shielding armor. examples of materials used are alumina and boron carbide

Advanced Ceramics find application in specific areas such as:

Ceramics find application in nano-materials as ceramic nano-composites i.e. second phase particles, fibers and whiskers are incorporated into the ceramic matrix in order to obtain a desired property. Some of the improved properties which make them useful in future applications are: * Improved mechanical properties (strength, modulus)

* Decreased permeability to gases and water
* Higher thermal stability
* Higher electrical conductivity
* Smoother surface appearance
In gas...
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