Application of Reverse Engineering in Computer Aided Designing

Topics: 3D scanner, Reverse engineering, Engineering Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Reverse Engineering
A brilliant method of taking an object apart and disassembling all of its mechanical components and analyze every bit of detail, enough to recreate a duplicate without fully understanding the original. Reverse engineering is used for many reasons, for example; a military obtains an enemy tank that is in good enough condition to be operated, they can have their engineers take the machinery apart and gain the knowledge on how to duplicate the same class tank without having to develop their own techniques. Another group of people that benefit greatly from reverse engineering are those who work with Computer-aided design, after disassembling a part and taking all the precise measurements they will have the ability to recreate the original part as a CAD Model. "Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing a subject system to create representations of the system at a higher level of abstraction.” It can also be seen as "going backwards through the development cycle". (Eldad Eilam, 2005) Reverse engineering has also greatly influenced software modernization, software maintenance and product analysis, and has also been used for many other reasons, some being; teaching/learning purposes, recreating unlicensed replicas or maybe just your curiosity. A world super power and one of the most technology advanced militaries is the Soviets. They displayed good engineering with the release of the automatic Kalashnikov model year 1947, not only is it accurate more so than the other rifles in its class, it was also durable like no other, the materials used in the development in the ak-47 were of great quality and the design was even better. The soviet military turned a well-engineered rifle into a legacy by selling the blue print of the ak-47 to other countries like China, Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria saving them the time because they could have developed their own ak-47 by reverse engineering an original one, the Soviets simply left out the correct...
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