Apple vs Dell

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On January 24, 1984 Apple introduced the first commercially successful personal computer using a mouse and a graphical user interface[i].Since then the war between PC and Mac users has lived. Claims have been made that Apple is too expensive and PC’s are too slow and of cheap quality. After the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows in 1985 the PC market has been dominated due to Microsoft’s Windows operating system[ii]. The domination of the market is largely due to the flexibility of Windows. Microsoft developed their operating system to be compatible with any hardware created by any computer company such as Dell, HP, Sony, IBM, etc. Consequently, Apple’s operating system only worked with Apple’s proprietary hardware. With the release of Apple’s iPod in 2001, the iPhone in 2007, and most recently the iPad in 2010 the company is headed to be a worldwide competitor in consumer electronics. Partly due to their success in mp3 player and phone market consumers are now more than ever considering Apple as an option when purchasing a personal computer. ________________________________________

[i] Polsson, Ken (July 29, 2009). "Chronology of Apple Computer Personal Computers" [ii]

III. Purpose: What is the purpose of your project?

The purpose of our project is to determine consumer’s perceptions towards Apple and Dell laptops as well as figure out how whether or not consumers are switching between brands. We would also like to find out whether or not there are any significant differences in categories between Apple and Dell. As young students and consumers we are heavily targeted by electronic companies. We have noticed an influx of Apple products including their line of laptops (Mac) and wanted to get a glimpse as to why people are purchasing more Apple products. Is it because of their “cool” factor or are they really worth all that money?

IV. Method: What you did in analyzing consumer behavior.

In order to collect the information needed to analyze consumers, 300 random friends were contacted via Facebook to complete an online survey. A total of 75 friends completed the survey, which represents a participation rate of 25%. This report contains general statistical analysis of the results to the survey named Dell & Apple Perceptions. The results analysis includes answers from all respondents who took the survey in November 2011. This survey aims to find out the perceptions a consumer has about Dell and Apple laptops by asking consumers to rate their current laptops in different areas. The survey will be useful in determining which characteristic are strongest/weakest in each brand.

Unless otherwise noted, most of the measures in the survey are based on a 7 point rating scale. The means were also calculated on a 7 point scale, with “1” being “I don’t agree at all” and “7” being “I completely agree.”

In the survey, we also asked consumers what brand of laptop they currently owned and which brand of laptop they will most likely purchase in their next purchase. Using this data, we were able to create a switching matrix. The switching matrix will facilitate us in the recognition of any switching consumers are doing between laptop brands. It will also help us calculate the retention and cancellation rates for each brand mentioned.

After collecting all of the data from each question, we averaged out the total ratings for each questions a few different ways. We calculated an overall average, an average without Apple owners, and an average without Dell owners.

Segregating Apple and Dell owners will allow us to see results without the bias opinion of each brand’s current owners. Using these averages, we will be able to see if there are any significant differences in consumer’s perceptions between brands.

V. Findings: Describe the findings that speak to your project’s purpose.

We surveyed 75 consumers. Of these 75...
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