Apple Tv - Analysis and Evaluation of the Attractiveness of the Current Uk Market

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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The Apple TV:

Analysis and evaluation of the attractiveness of the current UK market

Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the three levels of the marketing environment for Apple TV and studies the attractiveness of the current UK market. It will consider the future success or not of the apple TV in the UK and from this analysis recommend the modifications and improvement apple should do.

Most of the information in the report is based on market reports such as Keynote, Websites, Newspapers and finally the “Marketing an Introduction" (8th Edition) textbook (Gary Armstrong, Philip Kotler, Michael Harker, Ross Brenan; 2007) and the lecture slides provided by Michael Harker. The principal theories which were significant in the redaction of this report were the SWOT analysis and the PEST analysis. Results of data analyzed show that:

Apple has a strong brand image and international popularity and makes large investment in research and development. • The television industry is radically changing with the appearance of a new type of television service, the internet television. •Apple TV has numerous and strong competitors.

Because of the strong position of its suppliers Apple suffers from the pricing pressure. •The Apple TV's price is too expensive.
The number of formats supported by the Apple TV is too limited.

In conclusion we can recommend Apple to lower the price and increase the number of formats supported by the Apple TV. Apple should fabricate itself some of the Apple TV's components to be out of the pressure provided by its suppliers. Apple should also differentiate itself by increasing the number of Application downloadable for the apple TV and creating a special Touch screen working with the Apple TV. The reliability of this report is partially limited because it is concentrated on the study of the micro and macro environment. It is essentially based on secondary resources and some information provided by non official and official website can be not impartial or not up to date. Furthermore Apple refuses to give too much information about the Apple TV and its finance.

Presentation page (p1)
I)Executive Summary (p2)
II)Contents (p3)
II) Introduction (p4)
III) Analysis and Interpretations (p4)
1) Micro-Environment (p4)
A- The company (p4)
B-The suppliers (p5)
C-Marketing intermediaries (p5)
D- Competitors (p5/6)
D-Consumers (p6)
2) Internal Environment (p6)
A-Employees (p6/7)
B-Finance (p7)
3) Macro-Environment (p7)
A-Political and economic (p7)
B-Social (p7/8)
C-Technologic (p8)
D-Environmental (p8)
E-Legal (p9)
IV) Conclusion (p9)
V) Recommendations (p10)
VI) Bibliography (p10/11/12/13)
VII) Appendix (p13)
Created in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Apple Company is an American informatics multinational corporation which is headquartered in Cupertino, Silicon Valley. Best known for its skills in computers, Apple has diversified in recent years by venturing into the music industry and the mobile phone. Always attracted by new opportunities, Apple touches today with its Apple TV a market that it has never explored: the television. But is this new technology a good business idea and does this product have a chance to succeed in a country such as the UK? To answer this question and to give some advice and recommendation about the Apple TV this report will study its three environment level in the UK market. Every section provides an abstract rate which gives an approximate idea of the Attractiveness of the current UK market. Analysis & Interpretation

I)The microenvironment
First, this report will analyze the microenvironment which consists of "the actors close to the company that affect its ability to serve the customer”. (Gary Armstrong, Philip Kotler, Michael Harker and Ross Brenan; 2007, p) The company

These recent years Apple has managed to establish itself well in the world market. The...
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