Apple: Innovation Is Evolution

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, IPhone Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Scott McClure
Mrs. Maguire
10th Grade English
January 5th, 2012
The clock strikes twelve and the endless line outside the store shakes with alertness. The long and tiring wait is about to end, as the impenetrable Apple store begins to open. Their weariness turns to joy as the doors become ajar and the heavenly light shines through sun-deprived city. The endless hours in the cursed line of other customers competing for the same prize have provided the prize they seek. All over the world, thousands of customers are willing to spend their time, waiting for the newest and best product, to replace their outdated devices. Since the creation of Apple Computers in 1976, the frenzy for innovation has taken the globe by storm. Their extensive line of MP3’s, phones, and computers has revolutionized our technological atmosphere to an extent that will never be matched. Every detail of the marketing plan for these ingenious products has been so finely appraised, allowing this company to lose all competition and become a mass-marketed, globally known, company. Due to the efforts of Steve Jobs, and all employees of Apple, Apple has found its way into homes across the globe with better marketing techniques and pure dedication. Apple Computer Inc. is a globally known company that markets “computers, peripheral equipment, and software for homes, businesses, educational institutions, and the government” (Quick). It offers easy-to-use equipment to meet the everyday needs of the average American. The ‘Apple Craze’ originated in 1976, when Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak built a simple, bare-boned computer in Jobs’ garage. They later added a keyboard, paneling, and more advanced equipment to make their products better than the rest. Their company boomed when they sold more than 130,000 Apple II’s in 1980 (Quick) and Apple has been leading in their industry ever since. Through out the years they have added new technology to their ‘Apple Family;’...
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