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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Appendix C

Acute Care Patient Reports

Fill in the following table with a general description of each type of patient report, who may have to sign or authenticate it, and the standard time frame that JCAHO or AOA requires for it to be completed or placed in the patient’s record. Four of the reports have been done for you.

|Name of Report |Brief Description of Contents |Who Signs the Report |Filing Standard | |Face Sheet |Patient identification, financial data, clinical |Attending physician |30 days following patient | | |information (admitting and final diagnoses) | |discharge | |Advanced Directives |Gives you legal information that can have an effect on |The patient |Doesn’t go in the chart. Goes | | |your health care decisions. | |with Patient. | |Informed Consent |Gives the patient information about their treatment and |The patient |Immediately | | |makes sure that they know what will be happening to them. | | | |Patient Property Form |Tells what the patient came into the facility with to |The Patient |(Not stated in the text, but | | |ensure that they get all of their belongings back upon | |probably at the time property | | |leaving the facility. | |is taken from the patient) | |Discharge Summary |Gives information about the patient’s treatment while in |The patient and the attending|Immediately | | |the hospital, as...
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