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Topics: Wiz Khalifa Pages: 8 (1756 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Life (Diamante)
Good, Calm
Chilling, relaxing, floating
Feeling, Everyday, Mood-Changing, Life
Stressing, Paining, Breaking
Bad, Tense

High Off Life (Double Cinquan)
Calmed down, Chilled up
Im Floating, flying thru the sky
If there is something better than this feeling, why
Have I not found it yet cuz I feel so alive, I can’t deny
Im High Off Life
Float Away (Haiku)
Watch me float away
My nerves are calm, I’m dazed
Floating in the air

I Love It (Sonnet)
I love it when im just chillin
When Im floating thru the sky
I love when that’s what I’m feeling
Like I’m high and I fly
I love when I’m kicking it with my friends
Just having a good time
I hope that this feeling never ends
But heyy, life just steady climbs
I love when I have no stress
So I can scheme and get my money right
When I’m getting paid I feel the best
Like I’m steady moving forward on the long road of life
I love it when I’m just chillin
When I’m floating thru the sky

"Rowland" Wiz Khalifa
(feat. Smoke DZA)
[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Rolling up a seal blowin up but still
Going hard on my job like I ain't sitting on a mill
Now filet mignon come with every meal
I swear to God that I'm so high feel like I'm going up a hill Car --------- coded
Paid 250000 for it still hop in that thing ride like its stolen I'm talking vacation out and island resorting
I made eleven million ----- without any endorsements
Took the ------ out I was out on the porch with
To Saint Tropes to race them in Audis and Porsches
Bentleys and rolls plenty of smoke
Thousands for ---- Vendis for clothes
I remember I couldn't get ---- back then when I was broke
Now that I'm rich everythings for the low
So I could give a ---- bout what they saying
Cause they wasn't with me way back in the day when a ----- was just

[Hook x2]
Getting that paper

[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
We living life ---- the --- is never ending
---- --- Bob Marley on my pendant
You know that low is the life that I'm living
Ralph Lauren always keep a ----- spending word
I cant lie its the truth a stack for these ------
Five hundred a pull double R L
I don't do -------
That ain't for me
Getting money killing shows in the home of the maple leaf
These rap ------ live in a land of make believe
Jiminy Cricket --- ------ aint cool enough to fool with us
Nah pool tables get played in back haters play the side door Jet life taylor gang what you ride for
We keeping the ends competition is slim
In case you looking for them niggas have no fear we are them Corner the market
getting money
Rolling Stone
Young Khalifa, rugby rolls

[Hook x2]
Getting that paper
"Deep Sleep" Wiz Khalifa
Deep sleep
[Verse 1]
How you gon’ be cold as us?
Your ---- ain’t rolled up
Your cars ain’t old enough
Champagne ain’t cold enough
Money still fold up
You ain’t buying no clubs
You ain’t getting no love
But my ------ so thug
You ain’t getting thrown up
Smell me when I roll up
I glow like Leroy
My fro like Sho’ Nuff
Can’t get poured up
Everything slowed up
---- ------ hate us
Rich ------ know us
I’m riding with gangstas
So I don’t need no cup
I’m drinking out the bottle
Riding with the top down
Smoking on A.C
Twenty five thousand
‘Bout to blow it out in A.C
------ join us cause they can’t beat us
Ain’t nann ----- play me
Keep talking them ------
I’m blowing that daily
I’m smoking that good ------
My eyes all lazy
------ see me getting that money
So they look at me crazy
My ------ out here stunting
Doing ----- all mainey
I’m buying brand new cars and ----
[Verse 2]
I get ---- all day, I ain’t coming down
The tweak is heavy, it’s going ’round
Rolling up airplanes, bout to catch an airplane
Riding in my old-school, listening to old school
Doing it how a G’s supposed to do
It’s getting cold, I might close the roof
Made it up to first class, staying in first...
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