Apollo the Greek God of Sun

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Apollo, the Greek god of sun, as well as the god of plague, healing, music, archery, and prophecy, is one of the twelve deities of Olympus. He is son of Zeus and Leto (a daughter of the titans Coeus and Phoebe) and twin brother to the goddess Artemis. He is known by other names such as Apollon, Phoebus (or Phoibus), and Sol (Latin for sun) and was also identified with Helios. He is also known in Greek-influenced Etruscan mythology as Apulu. His main iconic images are of the laurel wreath, the lyre, and the bow. He also holds the idealized form of Kouros, a young man of beauty and grace. He is listed in many poems, but “The Homeric Hymn to Apollo" is a favorite since it gives the most complete stories of Apollo in a single poem. Apollo was born on the island of Delos along with his sister Artemis. His mother, Leto, had a delayed childbirth due to the fact that the goddess of childbirth, Eilithyia, was distracted by Hera. After nine days she had finally come to aid Leto and Apollo was born fully grown. Hera had also punished Leto for Zeus' infidelity. After Apollo's birth, he had set out to search for a place to build his temple and came across a land known as Telephousa. The people of Telephousa had told him that the land was not good enough for him and that he should find some other place. This then leads Apollo to the land of Krisa where nearby he confronts a giant snake (which was a Python) and kills it by using all of his arrows. After that, the land was further known as Phythia. For everyone...
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