Apollo 13: Spacecraft

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Apollo 13
When Gene Kranz says that it will be there finest hour, he was completely true. It will be the finest hour for the Apollo 13 mission. They “won” while failing, because a malfunction which NASA had little to no control over which looked life threatening hit the astronauts and NASA managed to overcome the problem they had been faced with. The Apollo 13 mission in general was a failure because it stood no chance of accomplishing the goal it was supposed to. The teamwork that NASA developed during the Apollo 13 mission was astounding as everyone worked together to save those three people’s lives. The people were given the materials the astronauts had and worked to make a functioning device that could help funnel the power into the pod the astronauts were in to save their life. The biggest part teamwork played in the movie was the sudden change in crew. The crew had little time to adjust to their newly appointed pilot and they had to quickly adapt to the change in crew. The men not being as familiar to the new crewmate spent a lot of time in isolation with their newly appointed pilot and interacted well with the rookie who was a little shaky on the whole flying scheme. Apollo 13 can be considered the finest hour because it took a situation that looked very grim and had the odds working against them for every turn they took. NASA handled the pressure pretty well and they put everyone on the ground in the same situation that the astronauts so that instead of it seeming like there were only three astronauts to figure a way back to earth it was almost as if there were forty astronauts in space working to get back to earth. The greatest part of the mission was the skepticism that almost broke the mission from within. The pilot who was originally supposed to fly the mission thought it was impossible for the spacecraft to return back to earth with the power they had but he, while collaborating with the other members of NASA made it possible to return back into...
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