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Past definitions given for managers are not very complex like: They were organization’s part who briefs their team about their Dos and Don’ts. At that time, it was simple to differentiate managers from non managerial staff. However these days the fact makes it difficult, is many organizations have non-managerial staff performing managerial roles. So a correct definition would be: A manager is one who plans and monitor work of his team not only seeking self success but assisting others. (P. Robbins, 2012) Management

At the end twentieth century, scholars of that time perceived management plainly as the capability to work through other people. This idea does not visualize the spirit of management as a modern manager practically work with different tools and resources. Currently Management is process in which a team works to accomplish goals that can’t be have done by a single person. (H. Siddiqi 2003)

This definition gives a classic and broader view of management as it says management is the heart or inside of a nation or an individual, and the manner in which we manage ourselves and our institutions predicts the zenith we are earning today. (S. George, 1974)

Modern definitions are more concrete like sequence of operations that lead to completion of tasks within an organization making use of human and material resources is called management. An ideal manager possesses both efficiency and effectiveness. Effectiveness refers to obtaining of desired results while Efficiency is about less wastage of resources like time, wealth, and human effort with a target of delivering better outputs. (Thomas S., 2004) Functions in management

Four major functions of management are described as (1) Planning and strategizing (2) Organizing (3) Controlling, and (4) Leading and developing employees. Planning is a part of the work in which managers select their goals, determine procedures to attain those goals, distribute tasks to individuals or work...
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